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Animal Actors on set
The Siberian for All Reasons

October 2008
We are recreating an event in 1989 when a musher was out exercising his team and was attacked by a mother black bear. For this shoot we had 6 dogs on line and 8 loose!
More Photos soon!


We did not harness the dogs because the director wanted a loose dog look, out for fun, not pulling in a team. We had 6 dogs hooked up with their collars in order to keep them close to the ATV, otherwise they would be happily been spread out too wide.

sound check, waiting for the wind to die down. 


actor Patrick Knox  

Patrick doing some close shots with Topaz 

Lauren showing the dogs how it is done.  

more waiting 

Setting up the shot and more waiting 

giving Hero a pep talk 

Which way?   That way!   Oh, you mean that way?   Yes... that way! 

finally moving!!! 

Almost gone with the wind! 

going over a shot with the director 

cuddle time with the co-stars 

and yet more waiting, this is what we seem to do most!

Patrick doing the "bear attack" part of the shoot. 

The bear attack was primarily simulated with a bear skin rug purchased from a  pawn shop!
The person with the rug is the trainer of the live bear and did the stunts where the bear was in direct contact with the "actor".





Extreme closeup!

Patrick loved this part!




Photos of the black bear coming soon! 



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