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The Great Kennel Reno!
the neverending story...

by Shannon de Bruin

750 sidewalk blocks later......
I had just started before Gwen came, intending to be all finished befor she got here (sigh). It pissed rain for 2 weeks before she arrived turning the whole back into a freakin' swamp! I only had a bit of it finished but at least she got to see where it was going. I would have prefered to not have been in the middle of the reno. So much for my big plans to unvail the spanky new set up, all she got to see was a half demolished kennel.
So when the hell are you comming up, hmmm? Are you comming to Westerly???! WHEN CAN I CHRISTEN THE COURTYARD PATIO???? (with wine, not dog pee) I have nice new benches ordered for the middle (ones they cant chew up!)

It took 30 pallets of sidewalk blocks to do this. I have a few that I will pull up and relevel. The only good thing about the rain is that I know where the lowspots are. The only low area is in the court yard and not in a run, so Im happy! It drains really rather well. I'm going to be glad when this is all done. It is no fun doing this all by your self!

So then I shifted over the dogs and IT BEGAN TO RAIN!!!! I had to haul another 20 pannels in the pouring rain! The beasties all just peeked out their doorways wondering why the heck I was out lugging pannels in the wet?

I have torn down the last of the pannels and got them sorted (more or less) The small runs are almost 20 feet long and 6 feet wide. The medium size ones are generally 12 by 12 and the big ones will be 12 by 20 or 20 by 40. This takes up about 4500 sq feet. To give you an idea about size the old set up was about 3800 sq ft.

I will be doing the same shape, a ring of kennels with a courtyard in the middle and should be finished in the next 2 days (excepting rain of course!) The kennel system now opens directly to the building, much easier to bring the dogs inside now. We are building one of those tent garages for the sleds and equipment. I've been invited to go stateside and into BC this winte with a couple of pro mushers. I wont be able to hit all the races but I should be able to do some. Peebles is giving me a hand training up the new lead boy I bought. Peebles trails are really nice.

Ed said he would help me burn the reminants of last years tarps off the wire. I have been picking at it but not getting very far. He will bring out the blowtorch and just burn the ribbons off. I was able to salvage 3 of the big tarps and a couple of the small tarps from last year. But I think that I want to either go all blue or all white this year. I didnt like the blue and green mixed. I just have to decide what colour petunias for the baskets now.

Well so much for another drought year. The whole area is drenched. There is a new pond out in the field accross from us. I've never seen a misquito hatchery there before! I an really sick of the rain, it is the wettest spring we have had in 10 years! Think SNOW!
I will put up more photos once I have it all up. I would rather have the dogs on dirt and shavings but this will be nice. A lot less bathing too!
So when are you comming up? AKC closes on fri and I have not made my entries yet. Better get on that, just dont know who. ALSO I have to be in edm for my grandmothers 95th on the Sat. Not suer how I will handle that part. I amny have to skip AKC, sniff sniff.