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Arcticsun Siberian Husky Adventures and Sirius Animal Talent

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Welcome to The Wonderful World Of Sled Dogs!

We specialize in the Siberian Husky. Our dogs lead very full lives, we show and do obedience and agility, we mush all winter and when we are not busy we are involved in TV, comercials, photo work, stock footage and Feature films, like the Disney film Snowdogs! *staring Cuba Gooding Jr and 27 of our beautiful Siberians!

We are available for tours, when we have the time! and for film work. We are able to travel and have on camera ACTRA talent available also (human variety)

We would love to chat about the siberian and sledding, about showing and herding and anything else. We would love to chat about our line of Pure Seppala Siberian Huskies also! They are very very special.

Also... if you are interested in rare colours, like Champaign and white, agouti, solid whites or our beautiful pintos, you have come to the right place.

We have babies born just a couple of weeks ago that we would be very proud to show off. With a little luck we will have our other pages up and running soon!

We are very excited about the 2001-2002 sled season and cant wait to get underway. Sledding is a unique adventure that will change you mind about winter Forever!.

On this site you'll find information about our activities and kennel, along with descriptions of our dogs and adventures. We look forward to hearing from you. Come join the adventure! And see you in the Movies!

Arcticsun Siberian Adventures
11524-37B ave
Edmonton Alberta Canada
T6J 0K3

Phone: (780) 955-7336

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Arcticsun Siberian Huskies
The Siberian for all Seasons!
The Siberian for all Reasons!

Show, Sled, Companion,
Obedience, Agility, On Camera Talent
Puppies, Stud Service, Adults

Arcticsun Siberian Huskies

Winter fun!.

Arcticsun Siberian Huskies

Lauren and Apache
Lauren and ApacheOn Camera ACTRA talent

Lauren de Bruin, ACTRA

Please email us any time about animal talent or ACTRA human talent available for your next project!